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Leaders must encourage their organizations to dance to forms of music yet to be heard.
Warren Bennis

Team Aerospace Tango Leaders

Tango your way to Success!


Tango to Success offers innovative and fun experiential learning for businesses and organizations that want to help their teams build better communication skills, foster a collaborative and supportive spirit, and increase productivity, performance, and efficiency. 


Our dynamic, social partner dance-inspired program creates visceral experiences exploring the concepts of leadership and followership while building skills integral to success in the modern work environment.

Tango to Success is inspiring, fun, and a deeply insightful approach that leaves participants with embodied lessons and practices they can apply to their personal and professional lives.



Every personal success begins with commitment to personal growth and development.

The Tango to Success program offers a framework for deepening self-awareness on a physical, emotional, and mental level. This leads to an overall sense of well-being, motivation, and higher performance in all areas of life.


Efficiency. Productivity. Communication. Collaboration. Creativity. Performance. 

These are some of the key qualities every successful organization works hard to develop and amplify.

These qualities require a proper environment to be cultivated by those in leadership positions as well as those who are a part of the support team. 

Conventional methods of learning often fall short on producing results because those methods employ only our minds, leaving our bodies out of the equation. Embodied experiences that create a strong mind-body connection are proven to create a much better results. These experiences have long-term positive effects on the employee's morale and wellbeing which promotes success in the workplace.

Our Tango To Success approach to this embodied learning is geared towards helping individuals and businesses develop and further foster:​

  • Self-confidence 

  • Communication skills

  • Adaptability

  • Leadership skills

  • Strategies to success

  • Team dynamics                                     


Ilona Glinarsky, creator of the Tango to Success approach, is a 25-year veteran of social partner dance, a 2019 finalist of the Southern California Tango Championship, and an award-winning educator, mindfulness and life coach.


She has worked for over 18 years on developing a unique program that helps cultivate  connection, communication and creative collaboration between individual clients, organizations and teams. 

Tango To Success trainings consist of interactive, dance-inspired modules that are custom-tailored to any size of audience or group. 


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"The practice of Tango, as I discovered, is a great tool for developing better leadership and followership skills that are applicable in both, work and every day life. Ilona masterfully weaves together dance-inspired concepts, life/relationship coaching along with mindfulness practices in a way that is accessible, fun and inspiring. Her approach will make a great impact in any organization or business committed to fostering a culture of togetherness, inclusivity and collaboration."

Andreea Kenez - HR Business Partner, The Aerospace Corp.

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